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Interactive Edutainment

Lamsa’s content and activities are based on a learner perception that sees children as curious individuals who want to learn new things through exploration, play, repetition and rehearsal.

21st Century Skills

Recognizing a need for preparing children for the world where innovative thinking, creativity, adaptability, tolerance, respect and global awareness are highly required, will help to raise well-rounded and confident human-beings.

Early Childhood Development

As parents and educators our challenge is to think how to best prepare our learners for a successful and happy life in an ever-changing world where the technology advances and intercultural communications increases.


Unlocking Child's Potential

Learning Paths

What Kids Learn


The use of Lamsa aims to support child’s interest towards oral and written language and gradually reading and writing. A child learns to recognise and identify letters and understands the basic concept of print, how it is formed of letters which form individual words. Child’s experience that he/she is being heard and that the initiatives are being answered is important for the development of communication skills. Child’s language is developing as the vocabulary and verbal memory are expanding.


Building mathematical knowledge starts by familiarizing with numbers and shapes. A child learns the number symbols, how they relate to each other and that numbers can be used to count, compare and measure.


It is important to promote children's cultural competence as well as their interaction and self-expression skills during early childhood. In order to learn appreciating the cultural diversity, it is good to understand how different cultures, habits and human values are formed.

Wellbeing and Sustainability

Skills related to self-care, health and safety are important for everyone. Early childhood’s mission in this aspect is to strengthen the wellbeing and safety of children and give guidance to their growth towards being self-reliant and capability to act independently.

Multi-modal Literacy and Digital Know-how

Information and communications technology skills are needed in everyday human interaction and social participation. Multimodality, information and communications technology understanding promotes children's educational outcomes and the educational equality. The development of these skills starts in early childhood. Multimodality includes a variety of reading skills such as the literacy of images, numeric literacy, media literacy and basic literacy.

Social Emotional Development

The development of social and emotional skills aims to support understanding the meaning of healthy social relationships in life and the ability to identify and manage one’s own feelings. Through Lamsa’s activities children practice situational thinking skills, empathy and how to regulate their emotions in social interaction.

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Parents testimonials

Dear All, If your a parent who is looking for an app to help their child learn Arabic then this is what you need. My bilingual son used to hate people speaking to him in Arabic and especially playing Arabic games now he asks to play them. I will admit it as a non-Arabic reader it's hard but that's what dad's are for and the support on here is fantastic from Lamsa. I am no way affiliated with them just a very happy mummy whose son loves watching and doing everything now in Arabic.

Kelly Bartlett Al Muhairi


كل التحايا للمبدعين القائمين على لمسة

Zaina Al-Rashaideh


تطبيق روعة ومفيد جداً للأطفال، يا ريت كل أم تنزله لأولادها لما فيه من إفادة وإبداع للأطفال، كل الشكر والامتنان للقائمين على الإبداع والتقدم والرقي

عبد الرحمن


برنامج رائع أنصح به وبشدة كأسلوب تعليمي راقي للأطفال وسيكون من الممتع دمجه في التعليم في المدارس خاصة فيما يتعلق بتعلم الحروف والقراءة

ليلى الشيزاوي


أطفالي أحبوا لمسة كثيرا. تطبيق جميل جدا ومحبب للاطفال ويساعد على تعلم العربية الفصحى
أفضل تطبيق للأطفال باللغة العربية
شكرا لمسة

Nour Elhouda


تستحقون الاشاده فأهدافكم تربويه ونبيلة



اهم شي بالسفر تطبيق لمسة خصوصا سفر البر مشكورة جهودكم الجبارة. تطبيق اكثر من رائع



"شكرا لكم" من وسط حرب سوريا فقد أضئتم عتمة الحرب بعد الله.. شكرا

Mouhannad Mahbani‎


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