Lamsa's TicToc is an educational game teaches children how to tell time, develop their time management skills, learn the correct order of the days of the week and learn the Hijri months of the year.

Multi-modal Literacy & Digital Know How: With today's technological advancements, kids need to keep up with the innovations and learn on how to use them properly. Lamsa aims to help children familiarise themselves with information and communication technologies used in everyday life, as well as learn about various devices, tools, and applications. This is to promote creative thinking and collaboration skills through the use of ICT alongside children's literacy. Reinforce your child’s ability of combining information and knowledge across different disciplines such as mathematical thinking, arts, science, literacy and social and emotional development. Math Culture Social Emotional Development Language



Culture & Values

Social Emotional Development

Game: Lamsa Games are all developed through the collaborative efforts of Lamsa's Creative Team. These ideas are taken and put into detail by our Interactive Media Designers in which detailed game requirements in the form of a Master Plan is produced. The Master Plan is then passed on to every department that needs to comply to every requirement that is needed. Once all game requirements are met, it goes through a series of testing to make sure that the quality of every published game/s is of optimal quality for kids.

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