Not Enough for Queen Fluff

Not Enough for Queen Fluff talks about a Queen rabbit who has everything she could have ever wanted to make her happy, yet still feels that something is missing. A story of self-discovery and the meaning of true happiness. The story is from one of our international partner publishers, Sally Books based in Spain.

Social Emotional Development: Developing a person's Social Emotional Skill especially during their early years is important. Improving your child's ability to maintain a healthy social relationship in life and the ability to identify and manage his/her feelings has proven to be a good foundation for mental health. Lamsa wants to promote positivity and participation to your child by opening up more of themselves to other people and know that there will always be someone who will be by their side. This content piece in particular teaches kids to listen and recognize different opinions and views and to reflect on their own lives. Takes your children to see different situations and conflicts from other people’s perspective. Social Emotional Development Language


Social Emotional Development

Story: Majority of stories on Lamsa are carefully curated and developed with Lamsa's Partner Publishers. These stories go through a series of reviews to make sure that every story is kid-friendly and delivers on Lamsa's Learning Strategy. Characters and elements of the physical story are digitized to make it into an interactive content for children on the app.. Lamsa stories also feature, 'Read to Me' and 'Autoplay' functions which give the option for kids to interact with the story or to listen to the content in a storytelling-like approach.

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