My Hands

An interactive story sourced from one of the region's leading publishers, Kalimat. A content piece develops your child’s fine motor skills through introducing them to various activities and exercises that enhances their hands' dexterity.

Wellbeing & Sustainability: Practice your child’s hand-eye coordination with the help of Lamsa’s application as we provide numerous content that help them enjoy interactive tasks in where they would need to tap and drag the right objects as the child plays a game. Motor Skills Language


Motor Skills

Story: Majority of stories on Lamsa are carefully curated and developed with Lamsa's Partner Publishers. These stories go through a series of reviews to make sure that every story is kid-friendly and delivers on Lamsa's Learning Strategy. Characters and elements of the physical story are digitized to make it into an interactive content for children on the app.. Lamsa stories also feature, 'Read to Me' and 'Autoplay' functions which give the option for kids to interact with the story or to listen to the content in a storytelling-like approach.

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