Haiya Nolawin Artmaker

Haiya Nolawin Artmaker is a Lamsa original creative tool that allows your child to draw, color, and create the next masterpiece in the kid’s space. Simply choose a template and give them the freedom to choose between various brushes, colors, stickers, and more!

Creativity & Self-Expression: Release the inner artist out of your kids! Lamsa sparks children’s imagination and creativity with stories that play with boundaries and have no real-world limitations. Let your child use their imagination and express their self through arts & crafts, music & sounds, creation, and more. Unleash your child’s imagination through content that practices their fine motor skills and color comprehension through drawing, coloring, painting, cutting and creating art. Arts & Music Motor Skills

Arts & Music

Motor Skills

Game: Lamsa Games are all developed through the collaborative efforts of Lamsa's Creative Team. These ideas are taken and put into detail by our Interactive Media Designers in which detailed game requirements in the form of a Master Plan is produced. The Master Plan is then passed on to every department that needs to comply to every requirement that is needed. Once all game requirements are met, it goes through a series of testing to make sure that the quality of every published game/s is of optimal quality for kids.

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