Clay Madness: How to Make a Giraffe

Clay Madness is a Lamsa original video series that encourages your child to think outside-the-box through a series of clay stop-motion videos. The series covers creating subjects from giraffes to hot air balloons.

Creativity & Self-Expression: Release the inner artist out of your kids! Lamsa sparks children’s imagination and creativity with stories that play with boundaries and have no real-world limitations. Let your child use their imagination and express their self through arts & crafts, music & sounds, creation, and more. Unleash your child’s imagination through content that practices their fine motor skills and color comprehension through drawing, coloring, painting, cutting and creating art. Arts & Music Science

Arts & Music

Video: Lamsa Videos start with a themed concept. Once the concept is approved, animators carefully create a storyboard that will serve as the basis for every scene that will be included in the video. Illustrators will then start to draw the needed art requirements, sculpt clay models or develop under other art methods based on the storyboard. These assets are then animated, composed, and edited to make the entire video. Musical and sound scoring is then added to make it interesting and lively.

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