Ana Shadda

Ana Shada is an educational story from Lebanon-based content partner, Turning Point, that explains the phonetics of the Arabic language in a fun and basic way that is easy for the child to comprehend.

Learning & Thinking Skills: Lamsa believes that each child is special and has a unique way of learning and absorbing information. It is important to provide children with different avenues of cultivation that help them adapt and understand more of what is happening around them. Let your child develop their problem solving and cognitive skills through exploring Lamsa content such as this. Familiarize and learn about the alphabet! Let us help your child recognize and identify letters, read, and spell familiar words. Gradually increase your child’s interest in reading and writing. Language Culture & Values Motor Skills


Culture & Values

Motor Skills

Story: Majority of stories on Lamsa are carefully curated and developed with Lamsa's Partner Publishers. These stories go through a series of reviews to make sure that every story is kid-friendly and delivers on Lamsa's Learning Strategy. Characters and elements of the physical story are digitized to make it into an interactive content for children on the app.. Lamsa stories also feature, 'Read to Me' and 'Autoplay' functions which give the option for kids to interact with the story or to listen to the content in a storytelling-like approach.

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