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Lamsa's TicToc is an educational game teaches children how to tell time, develop their time management skills, learn the correct order of the days of the week and learn the Hijri months of the year.

Ana Shadda

Ana Shada is an educational story from Lebanon-based content partner, Turning Point, that explains the phonetics of the Arabic language in a fun and basic way that is easy for the child to comprehend.

Color Your World

A content piece aimed to familiarize your kids with the geography of the MENA region. ‘Color Your World’ let’s them color the map with their favorite colors, memorize the capital cities and...

Clay Madness: How to Make a Giraffe

Clay Madness is a Lamsa original video series that encourages your child to think outside-the-box through a series of clay stop-motion videos. The series covers creating subjects from giraffes to hot air...

Me and My Big Ball

A fun video that follows a little girl who goes to the park with her favorite ball and makes friends through song. A content piece that encourages your child to be active and sociable.

Lamsa’s Kitchen - Chococups

Chef Manal and her little kitchen helpers, Lamsa’s Adam & Joory, show us the needed steps in creating the tasty yet nutritious dessert, Chocolate Cups. Follow the recipe of this deliciously simple...

Red Line

A story that highlights the topic of respect, privacy, and safety, ‘Red Line’ covers these sensitive issues like no other. From renowned regional publisher, Dar Al-Saqi, the story introduces kids’ to the...

My Hands

An interactive story sourced from one of the region's leading publishers, Kalimat. A content piece develops your child’s fine motor skills through introducing them to various activities and exercises...