Discover Lamsa World through hundreds of interactive stories, videos, and games specifically designed for kids aged 2 to 8.




Soundbook: Music

I Hear a Sound is a Lamsa original educational series aimed to familiarize your child with all sort of sounds that surround them. In this episode, we explore the music hall and get to know the different...

Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a Lamsa Original educational series that teaches the child how to read and write the Arabic alphabet through tracing and connecting the dots.

Bedouin Boy

Lamsa's first original multi-ending interactive story, Bedouin Boy engages the child to make the decisions for the main protagonist, Aseel and guides him in to the best way to earn himself the Rababa of...

Lamsa's Kitchen - Pink Hummus

Lamsa's Kitchen Interactive with Chef Manal is an original cooking game series that features the Queen of the Arabian Kitchen, Chef Manal Al Alem. Alongside the game’s kitchen helpers, Adam &...

A Day with Numbers

A Day with Numbers is a Lamsa Original educational video that takes your child on a fun counting adventure with two clay buddies.

Where is My Red Ball?

Where is My Red Ball? is from content partner, Yusof Gajah, which talks about a group of colorful elephants who have a problem finding their respective balls. A simple story that teaches your kid basic...

Not Enough for Queen Fluff

Not Enough for Queen Fluff talks about a Queen rabbit who has everything she could have ever wanted to make her happy, yet still feels that something is missing. A story of self-discovery and the meaning of...

Haiya Nolawin Artmaker

Haiya Nolawin Artmaker is a Lamsa original creative tool that allows your child to draw, color, and create the next masterpiece in the kid’s space. Simply choose a template and give them the freedom to...