Bedouin Boy

Lamsa's first original multi-ending interactive story, Bedouin Boy engages the child to make the decisions for the main protagonist, Aseel and guides him in to the best way to earn himself the Rababa of his dreams. The content piece promotes cultural values and morals to children in a whole new light.

Social Emotional Development: Developing a person's Social Emotional Skill especially during their early years is important. Improving your child's ability to maintain a healthy social relationship in life and the ability to identify and manage his/her feelings has proven to be a good foundation for mental health. Lamsa wants to promote positivity and participation to your child by opening up more of themselves to other people and know that there will always be someone who will be by their side. Encouraging your child to carry a certain attitude while facing new challenges during their early years while letting them discover their own strengths and skills. Social Emotional Development Culture & Values Language


Culture & Values

Social Emotional Development

Story: Lamsa Original Stories starts from a collection of ideas. Once these ideas are obtained, the scripts are then drafted and finalized before our stories proceed with production. We make sure that every story detail from illustrations to animations of the characters are suitable for kids. In general, Lamsa stories ensure to integrate different learning objectives to help mould the kid's overall development. Our original stories also feature the option of interactivity and delivery such as the "Read to me" and "Autoplay" function in enhancing the child's listening skills.

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