A Day with Numbers

A Day with Numbers is a Lamsa Original educational video that takes your child on a fun counting adventure with two clay buddies.

Learning & Thinking Skills: Lamsa believes that each child is special and has a unique way of learning and absorbing information. It is important to provide children with different avenues of cultivation that help them adapt and understand more of what is happening around them. Let your child develop their problem solving and cognitive skills through exploring Lamsa content such as this. Develop your child's mathematical and spatial understanding through content like this that highlights counting and writing numbers. Math Arts & Music


Arts & Music

Video: Lamsa Videos start with a themed concept. Once the concept is approved, animators carefully create a storyboard that will serve as the basis for every scene that will be included in the video. Illustrators will then start to draw the needed art requirements, sculpt clay models or develop under other art methods based on the storyboard. These assets are then animated, composed, and edited to make the entire video. Musical and sound scoring is then added to make it interesting and lively.

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